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How We Work

It’s time to rethink real estate. Congratulations on taking your first step towards joining the next wave of innovative professionals who understand the importance automation has afforded our industry. Change may be uncomfortable at first, but embracing the new normal is paramount to your business success. We will pave a smooth transition and adoption of an amazing technology suite designed to elevate your career.

Many Minds

With over 750 Innovative Professionals, we become stronger as we grow. Our technology was built over a labor of love with the support and input from hundreds of industry professionals like you. We are living proof that there is strength in numbers.

One Mission

Since our inception in 2005, our mission remains to offer the best automation technology in the industry. We believe that an empowered agent increases your highest and best chance for success.

One Solution

Our all-inclusive agent-centric technology platform is the fruit of our associate's relentless input and refinement over the years. Our platform combines ALL paperless and eMarketing systems under ONE roof.

Benefits of agencyone

Hypothetical $10,000 Gross Commission Breakdown
  • Franchise Fee
    Typical Franchise
  • Commission Split
    Typical Franchise
  • Transaction Fee
    Typical Franchise
  • Monthly Fee
    Typical Franchise
  • E&O Fee
    Typical Franchise
  • Total Fees
    Typical Franchise
Why agencyone
Our business model puts you back in the driver's seat. Save 50x or more in fees over the other 100% and Franchise models that simply don't make financial sense OR empower you to succeed. YOU are the brand, and we think you should reap the highest financial rewards.
Why forfeit up to 50%+ of your hard earned commission? Invest in yourself first. Our technology affords you the opportunity to do just that. No need to join the Big Box Realty firms.
Save up to 99% by utilizing our platform
Stay focused and on track with your financial goals
Protect your financial and career goals
Our Mission
We take a multi-pronged approach to assisting you with success. We are your real estate COACH. We follow the time tested and proven COACH paradigm:
  • Care: Your Success = Our Success. We build a business plan customized for your goals.
  • Observe: We pay attention and learn from countless usability testing of our software platform
  • Act: We constantly strive to make our systems better with ongoing enhancements.
  • Communicate: The most important key to success. Open and honest collaboration breeds success.
  • Help: We offer direct Management Support, Continuing Education, Webinars, Chat and More!
We appreciate, respect (financially and professionally) and encourage you to realize your full potential and dreams. We serve as your personal mentors whenever you need it. Utilize our combined 100 years of management experience to build your business, grow a team or even start your very own brokerage.
What People Say About Us
We are changing lives daily. Here are sample testimonials of just a few of the lives we’ve touched along our relentless journey to change the face of the real estate industry. We are honored to have elevated hundreds of careers since our inception and look forward to adding your success story too!
Julie Kim.

"The company has come a long ways and has had phenomenal growth and success. Congratulations!!!"

Robert Radulescu.

"I've been with agencyone for over 6 years now, and I've been extremely happy with the service you guys provide and the fee structure"

Jon Rickey.

"Thanks for helping me build my team!"

Steve Morrow.

"Pure Genius! Love the support and the application!"

Eddie Quintero.

"Family environment, High Tech and Amazing Training"

Chrystal MacPherson.

"I love how easy this process is with you guys Thank you!"

Mark Bornstein.

"Amir has created a thriving environment for entrepreneurs to succeed"

Leah Schulz.

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